One Day At A Time With Fibromyalgia

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Are you feeling alone on your health journey, unsure of who will genuinely listen to you and make you feel validated?
Are you looking for helpful health care strategies to minimize your plethora of symptoms and improve your quality of life?
Are you unsure of where to look for reputable medical research and health or drug information on fibromyalgia?

If any of these questions resonated with you, you have come to the right place.

I think you would agree that one of the most difficult parts of living with this condition is the constant unpredictability of what the day will bring. Despite your medical treatment, successfully losing weight, adhering to your diet/nutrition plan and fitness routine, some days your pain and chronic fatigue remain unmanageable. Is it any wonder your mental health is affected, leaving you feeling depressed and anxious?

I am here to ask you to please persevere. Having fibromyalgia can be extremely tough, but SO ARE YOU!!!

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

Friedrich Nietzche

The strategies and resources you will find here and on my blog are designed to help you through your journey.
Please note that I am not a medical professional and I can not provide any health care advice. I am someone who lives with chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia being one of them. All of the information I provide is based on my own experience with this condition and what I have found helpful through much trial and error. It by no means replaces the recommendations and advice of your health care provider.

Please feel free to leave a response. Any feedback about other fibromyalgia related topics you would like to see included are welcomed. You are also encouraged to leave a general comment. I would love to hear about how you are doing and your fibromyalgia journey. We can learn so much from each other 🙂

It’s one day at a time and nothing more. Cherish life’s little things that bring you joy. Take time each day to focus on rest and recovery. Most of all, keep life simple.

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