What is Fibromyalgia Anyway???

Sometimes, when people ask me what fibromyalgia is I draw a blank. I find myself attempt to filter through a plethora of information. Where do I even begin!? The purpose of this post is to help both of us make sense of a very complex and frustrating disorder that can be understood; mainly for ourselves.Continue reading “What is Fibromyalgia Anyway???”

When Will Society Learn?

I am a strong supporter and advocate to anyone who represents a vulnerable population. I worked in the social service sector for 20 years before I was no longer able to, so I feel helping others who do not have a voice or are not being heard is really important. I was once an advocateContinue reading “When Will Society Learn?”

Controversial Diets – What Can I Eat?

In our society, there is so much emphasis put on what foods and diets are the best for our bodies. It makes it very difficult for people to know what to eat, what “diet”to follow, if calories matter and whether supplements should be taken. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We get lostContinue reading “Controversial Diets – What Can I Eat?”

Eggs for Dinner Tonight? Try Shakshuka

If you read my last post, you know I’m a huge fan of eggs. I promised I would be posting an egg recipe soon, so I wanted to share a dish that is new to my collection. I recently found a recipe for a middle eastern dish known as Shakshuka. It’s suitable for any timeContinue reading “Eggs for Dinner Tonight? Try Shakshuka”

Food For Fibromyalgia – Why Are Eggs So Beneficial?

I absolutely love eggs. It would take an awful lot for me to get tired of eating them. I eat eggs daily, generally speaking. I crave them! I take such an interest in health and nutrition, so a long time ago I decided I needed to learn about their benefits. As it turns out, thereContinue reading “Food For Fibromyalgia – Why Are Eggs So Beneficial?”

Finding Relief with Low FODMAP Food

I began having serious digestive issues about 14 years ago. I started noticing foods that I never had an issue with began giving me a lot of discomfort after eating. I spent about 5 years trying different eating programs (I very much dislike the word diet), supplements, and holistic cleanses. I never seemed to getContinue reading “Finding Relief with Low FODMAP Food”

Morning Nutrients for Fibromyalgia

In my last post I gave you my recipe for the smoothie I’ve been drinking lately for breakfast. It may not look appealing or taste anything like your typical breakfast smoothie, but it improves my symptoms and is packed with vitamins and minerals. For those of you who did not read my last post, thisContinue reading “Morning Nutrients for Fibromyalgia”

How to get your morning nutrients when you have no appetite

Mornings can be my most difficult time of day. It’s been a challenge trying to establish a routine that works despite pain, fatigue, dizziness, and the host of other flu like symptoms that describe how I feel in the morning. Having a meal is the last thing I want to do shortly after getting outContinue reading “How to get your morning nutrients when you have no appetite”

What I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

Thank you for visiting! My purpose is to share my experience living with fibromyalgia and what I have found helpful in managing this unpredictable condition. When I was first diganosed in January 2019, I remember feeling a great sense of relief. Relief of finally understanding why I had developed so many seemingly unrelated symptoms. IContinue reading “What I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia”