Controversial Diets – What Can I Eat?

In our society, there is so much emphasis put on what foods and diets are the best for our bodies. It makes it very difficult for people to know what to eat, what “diet”to follow, if calories matter and whether supplements should be taken. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We get lostContinue reading “Controversial Diets – What Can I Eat?”

Morning Nutrients for Fibromyalgia

In my last post I gave you my recipe for the smoothie I’ve been drinking lately for breakfast. It may not look appealing or taste anything like your typical breakfast smoothie, but it improves my symptoms and is packed with vitamins and minerals. For those of you who did not read my last post, thisContinue reading “Morning Nutrients for Fibromyalgia”

How to get your morning nutrients when you have no appetite

Mornings can be my most difficult time of day. It’s been a challenge trying to establish a routine that works despite pain, fatigue, dizziness, and the host of other flu like symptoms that describe how I feel in the morning. Having a meal is the last thing I want to do shortly after getting outContinue reading “How to get your morning nutrients when you have no appetite”